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Condo remodel...One or two sinks in bathrooms...

8 years ago

We are renovating 2br/2ba condo. Vacation and winter home for us. In the 3/4 master bath, we really only need one sink but I am wondering if resale would be better with two. Configuration is: Door, 48" vanity, toilet, 32" shower. Toilet cannot be moved. Overall width is five feet.

Should i design a double sink (Ikea goodmorgen) with no countertop space or a single sink with counter space on each side of sink? We could install large medicine cabinet above sink to hold smaller items.

There is another bathroom that has a tub and also houses stackable washer and dryer. That vanity is 92" long, we are wondering if we should do two sinks there? Since this doubles as laundry room, I was wondering if a deeper sink (like a small single bowl ceramic kitchen sink) would be useful for handwashing garments, small pet washing, etc. If we go with deeper sink, we would only do one. Maybe with pullout prep sink faucet?

Would love your thoughts!
Thanks, Diane

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