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I replaced my old Magic Chef range :-((

13 years ago

I replaced my old Magic Chef gas range, no frills, gas stove, about 30+ yrs old for a new Kenmore stainless steel model #7753. It is all stainless steel, even the stove top. I hate it.

With my old Magic Chef, I cooked and baked and broiled thousands of meals. No problems. Winter and summer.

With this new range, the heat is so intense, that I have rarely used the oven, esp in the summer. Who would have thought that such a strong looking stainless steel gave range would give out so much heat.

It has all the bells and whistles, convection feature, warmer drawer, none of which I want to use.

A repairman that came to fix my dishwasher was telling me, the reason was that even though they look so strong and tough, they are not built like the old ranges as far as being insulated, etc.

The vent in the new stove is below the electronic panel, and it blows the hot air out thru there which probably eventually damage the panel itself.

Truthfully, I have not enjoyed the new range, have had it for about 1 yr. and hardly have used the oven.

My kitchen is not super small, nor super big either.

If I could redo it again, I would keep my old range. But everything else, was replace by stainless steel appliance so the old range looked way out of place. It was almond color and had some chips in the porcelain.

One more thing, the cleaning, what a pain, you are not suppose to use this, that, etc. on the new one, ---the old stove, I would use oven cleaner, etc. No really special treatment.

Wwahhhh, I want my old range back and have it look ugly in my stainless steel kitchen.

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