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bathroom vanity help (single to double vanity)

13 years ago

- doing a remodel of my master and guest bathrooms. ive decided on buying a vessel type above counter double sink and build the vanities myself.

- the existing master bathroom's vanity is a 43" x 22" single vanity. i found a Lacava AQUAMEDIA # 5064 that fits perfectly @ 43" x 20". i also found a Paini (La Toscana) matching the same size and description for only $545 with free shipping. so i have the master covered. (pictured below)

- the problem is, the Guest bathroom's vanity is 49" x 22". id like to keep the same style of sink as in the master but the only sinks with the same style i can find in that size are the one big bowl type made by Lacava (LUCE #5104, pictured below). with it being a double sink id like the two sides to be broken up like on the Auquamedia above.

- ive searched what seems like forever on these. is there anyone here that knows of another manufacturer that makes an above counter sink just like the double basin Lacava smaller than 50" but bigger than 43"???

- i mean, if i have to i can just put another 43" Aquamedia into the existing 49" space of the guest bathroom, or i can suck it up and get the 49" Luce and do without the separation of the bowls. but if there are other options (manufacturers) out there id like to check them out as well.

....any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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