Slippery Bathtub - Help!

8 years ago

I'm looking for a new 60 x 32 deep soaking acrylic alcove tub. All cast iron and acrylic tub bottoms seem to be VERY SLIPPERY. People say that even tubs that come with textured bottoms, integrated or factory-applied "anti-slip" gripping are very slippery.

I could, of course, use a bathmat but I've heard that a bathmat will not stick to so-called "anti-slip" surfaces. And I'm considering a tub that has this kind of surface, namely the Mirabelle Edenton alcove tub. All Jacuzzi and Kohler tubs also seem to come standard with this coating.

I'm concerned since my senior citizen mother will be using the tub. Any insight on these "anti-slip" surfaces? What do you do to prevent slipping? Any suggestions as to specific brands/models of 60 x 32 deep soaking alcove (integral flange) tubs that are not slippery or with which I could use a bath mat? It's been hard to find an alcove soaker that does not have a non-slip surface with which I could safely use a bath mat. Any recommendations?

Thanks so much!

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