bathroom fan questions galore

Debbie Downer
14 years ago

In tenant's apt. we have 6 x 10 bathroom ( w/ 9 foot ceiling). Previous tenant took showers daily which created mold problem and some damage to painted wood trim around window which is adjacent to shower. Hoping installing exhaust fan will keep it dry. Have been searching this forum and internet in general and still could use some help w these questions:

What size? Is 80 cfm adequate or too much? Would like to err on the side of too much power... but I understand there is such a thing as too much suction. The duct will be only about 5 feet long and a straight shot to the outside.

Any advantage to motion sensor vs. humidity detector models? If I get one of these does that eliminate the need for wiring for a switch altogether? (there are lights on the wall so no overhead lite is needed). We need to make sure this fan is used and not give tenant a choice about whether to use it or not -- so the switch model is out.

Any models you can recommend? It would need to have a 3" duct and not a 4" due to situation with having to bore a hole in brick exterior.

t. i. a.!!!!

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