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Homemade easy & inexpensive gift ideas!

17 years ago

Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive Christmas gift ideas to make!

1. C'nuggets - I make these tasty little cinnamon sweet an salty pretzels and then place in a clear cellophane bag and attach a topper that has a holiday photo on one side and the recipe on the other. Great for little gifts, as stocking stuffers or to put on top a present. Easy, inexpensive and creative! Can be eaten as is or crushed and put on top ice cream....

2. Peppermint cocoa - I just buy a large canister of inexpensive cocoa mix and add some crushed candy canes. I package it with a cute topper and then place in a holiday mug!

3. Make my own flavored lipgloss - great for kids, teens or adults! Just mix together 2 teaspoons vasoline, 1/8 teaspoon Crisco, 1/8 teaspoon honey and 8 flavored baking chips - chocolate, raspberry, chocolate mint, butterscotch, etc. Microwave and then put into little containers!

4. Fleece poncho's - made like the fleece blankets where you cut the edges and tie in knots. My mom is in the process of making me one using a regular poncho pattern. She even made me a little fleece purse to match! Just cut a square then stiched it together and added cording for the strap!

5. Peppermint coffee creamer - just add some crushed candy canes to powdered creamer - so so easy! Place in recycled glass jar (little mustard or olive work great)- spray paint the lid red then splatter white paint on it. Use a cute holiday graphic to glue on as the label. Add a nice spoon tied on top with pretty ribbon.

6. Cookbook CD - I made these by placing all our family recipes on a CD for family members. These are so easy, inexpensive and can be mailed to those loved ones that live far away. I organized by Appetizers, Main Course, Veggies and Dessert. I also put in a special Misc. area that had really old family recipes for whooping cough, dandelion wine, etc. Everyone loved them because they had all these wonderful recipes at their fingertips!

7. Quarter wraps - similar to the lifesaver wraps - I made my own little wrapper then put it around a roll of quarters for my neices - they liked it so much better than a regular old $10 bill!

8. I made these for my husband.... and mom. I took a large pack of chewing gum $1 at the Dollar Store and took out about 25 sticks - removed the wrapper and used that as a template to make my own wrappers. For my husband, I put some interesting football trivia on each wrapper for him and football related jokes.

For my mom - I wrote a special memory that I had of her - she loved them! I placed in a cellophane bag and tied with ribbon. I added a tag that said "Bubblefun".

9. I made hand painted ornaments using regular glass balls (different colors) then wrote World's Best Hunter or World's Best Fisherman using paint pens. I drew a little pic of a deer and a fish.

10. I typed up one of my gram's old family recipes, added her black and white picture and printed. Before I framed it I aged the paper using instant coffee, cinnamon and water. Gave to my mom and sister.

Hope some of these help make Christmas gift giving a little easier!

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