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induction cooktop stuck in 'control lock'

14 years ago

My GE Profile 30" cooktop was put into "control lock" last week. This means that the burners don't turn on, but you know the unit is stil getting power because there is a little red light on next to the "control lock" label. the way it's supposed to work is you touch that label for a few seconds and it becomes unlocked and ready to use. Doesn't work. and even after cutting off power to the cooktop by flipping the breaker for a few minutes, then flipping back on had no effect. GE will have a technician come out next wedsday, but meanwhile, does any have any ideas about what is going on? Anyone else have this problem? shot in the dark, but it may work out!

meanwhile, I'm thinking the extended warranty is not such a bad idea after all . . .


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