Would love a suggestion on what do about closet doors

14 years ago

We are almost done with a beautiful bathroom remodel -- thanks in large part to the guidance of this group! Have a fabulous carpenter, plumber, electrician, and tiler. As part of the remodel, we allowed space for a closet that goes under a sloped ceiling. It really is a nice, generous space, but it is posing problems from a door perspective. We'd like to put a door on the closet (rather than keep it open), but the door opening size is 34x69 (could fit a 32x68 door with trim), and we can't seem to find the right door for this opening. (see attached picture)

We would be open to bifolds, shutters, panel doors, french doors, what have you, but we don't want to spend (an additional) fortune. We would be happy to stain it to match or paint trim color.

Any suggestions on what to do here?

Thanks.... again!

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:1471255}}

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