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30' Electric Range - need your help. Please.

15 years ago

Our 12 years old KitchenAid looks really bad after intensive use (we realy cook a LOT!). It seved as well without any problems!

We need to get a new ELECTRIC range with CONVECTION. Freestanding! (we have 3 little kids tempted by front bottons)

We really like Viking but we see not reason to spend over $5000 on an electric range.

So, from what we have seen, so far, we like:

- Electrolux (a rebadged Frigidaire Professional)

- LG (Kitchen Series)

- Bosch

- Sharp (but we don't need the microwave drawer)

- GE Profile

- Kenmore Elite (another re-badge Frigidaire Professional)

- Jenn-Air

- KitchenAid

- Frigidaire Professional

We believe (and maybe we are wrong) that Frigidaire Gallery, Kenmore, Samsung, Whirlpool Gold and Maytag are NOT in the same categoty with the ones I listed above.

Now, we are confused about reliability and build quality(because we like the look of all of them).

Why are we EXTREMELLY concerned about RELIABILITY and SERVICE AVAILABILITY? Is because, apparently, ALL what we like have PROBLEMS.

It is strange that after 12-13 years we cannot find a bullet proof electric range! So many technological avancements for nothing. We are so scared that we might as well consider to keep the ugly looking KitchenAid that we have, because it functions extemelly well.

What is your opinion about all these?

What is your recomandation?

Thank you

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