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Sconce distance to Mirror thread?

16 years ago

I can't find the thread that discussed the basic rules of thumb when placing wall sconces on both sides of a mirror. Does anyone remember how far away from the wall and mirror they should be so that it doesn't look crowded? I found the thread about how high the sconces should be placed... but not the other one.

I have to come up with our wall sconce placement now due to our upcoming drywall installation. We have two single sink vanities. The wall space for each one is 48 inches. On one side of the vanity is a wall, the other side is a doorway to a closet.


wall - 48" vanity - closet opening - 48" vanity - wall

I was thinking that I might need three inches (too much?)on each side of each sconce. 6 inches total on each side of each mirror. With a maximum 6 inch wide sconce, that would leave a 24 inch wide mirror. Does that sound about right or too narrow? I haven't picked out our sconces yet, so just taking a wild guess at the 6 inch wide one.

Your input or direction to that thread would be most appreciated!

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