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8 years ago

This will be sacrilege to many on GW, but here goes.

We have one local BlueStar dealer where we live and first talked to a sales person there several months ago about a 30" BS range top to go into our kitchen remodel. The work schedule calls for us to finally put this in the pipeline so we made an appointment to stop by yesterday and pull the trigger. Our person at the store said, "We need to talk." She then told us they will no longer sell BlueStar and the local service company that had their BS service contract quit on them. The service folks said too many units arriving damaged first of all. Not necessarily the fault of BS, but they also said BS response for parts and/or consultation was becoming too frustrating. Customers were left hanging for weeks with a new BS appliance sitting there needing repair.

Within the last week, she got another local person to service what they've already sold, but she won't sell any more. She'd order for us since she knows it's been in our plans for a while, but wanted to tell us their view of the risk face to face rather than hide it or do it over the phone.

This lady has been very straight with us all along. Used to work for HHGregg and Viking, so knows appliances, history, and quality across all brands. Says she's not getting a good feeling about what's going on with BS. She has a Viking range herself that she got at a nice employee discount years ago, but says she'd never buy Viking now. Very honest also about other brands to steer away from.

This is a bad blow for us late in the game. I had my heart set on an open burner range top. We have no Capital dealers here so service would be a crap shoot from them too I'm thinking. American's range tops are all sealed burners - only the full ranges are open. Regardless, we decided on a convection wall oven up higher where we won't have to bend over anymore. Electric is already in place and cabinetry already in the works for that configuration. We're just lucky the granite hasn't been cut yet and the cabinets can still be tweaked as necessary if an alternative range top choice is a slightly different size.

Everyone's mileage varies when it comes to service, so we know we could go BS anyway and might be fine. But I'm sure folks out there also know how much time and energy go into these decisions and what a dagger it is to hear this after you thought you had it figured out.

Comments are welcome. I'll sit back and listen ... Thx in advance.

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