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Does a double 'euro style' vanity exist?

15 years ago

I am searching for a double sink "Euro style" vanity. Has anyone seen any anywhere?

A "Euro style" has a sink that is deeper than the vanity cabinet it sits on. It is like a hybrid between a pedestal and a regular vanity cabinet. It allows you to store things out of sight below the sink yet doesn't take up as much floor space as a regular depth vanity. You might see a Euro style vanity in a small powder room (that's where mine is).

Anyway, I am designing my kids' bathroom. The bathroom itself is a decent size but the kids are young (5,3,1) with short arms, of course! At a hotel my 5 year old was able to reach the faucet easily on the Euro style sink by standing at the side. I was thinking that would be nice for the kids in their bathroom instead of balancing on their tummies to reach the faucet.

Would this be something I'd have to have custom made? How would I even find a cabinet shallow enough? Any advice? Thanks :)

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