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should Hardi Plank be primed on the back side before install?

13 years ago

I have read a few posts in regards to fiber cement siding and some of the major problems associated with it per customers on gardenweb. We want to install this Hardi Plank siding in a month on our new construction home and were wondering if anyone thinks it would be a good idea to prime/paint the back side of this siding prior to installation. We are ordering the pre-finished Colormax siding and realize that all cuts must be painted before install, but just wondering if the back side should also be painted because the factory does not do this and it's left basically raw. We find the installation instruction rather odd that they advise NOT to caulk between boards. Won't water get in there and ruin it? That is why I feel that by painting the back side it will help protect this product from water and snow damage in Wisconsin. What do you think out there about what I am suggesting? Does anyone know why they tell you NOT to caulk? It is very odd to us.


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