Maximizing bathroom storage/vanity style - thoughts? Pics

14 years ago

I have a long, narrow, prewar bathroom and I'm looking for ways to maximize storage. Given the shape of the bathroom, I'm pretty much limited to the area above the sink and toilet. Here's the current layout, which will not change. The door actually does clear the toilet, by about 1.5", LOL. The bathtub will be enclosed in glass, creating a glass wall between the sink and shower. The area occupied by the toilet and sink is 50" wide.

Here's a pic of the actual area - the black tiles along the right side show where the new glass wall will be. I'll be doing white subways up to the level of the current tile with a blue/green mosaic accent strip of some sort, and I'll choose a paint color to coordinate with the mosaic strip. Floors will be a dark (ebony) wood-look porcelain.

There is room for a 24" vanity, but I rather like the idea of a pedestal sink. I've been struggling with finding a vanity that will look right with the other elements I've chosen (particularly the wood-look porcelain tile - for some reason, real wood looks weird next to it). However, I don't know if I am willing to give up the storage space.

I found this sketch on another thread (thanks klb 2000!) and thought it might work for my space. I like the combination of open shelving and high cabinets with a traditional medicine cabinet. I have 8'10" ceilings, so I'd have plenty of room to hang the upper cabinets with it looking oppressive, I think. Anyway, does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks!

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