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what dishes fit in Miele dishwasher ?

10 years ago

What dishes fit in the Miele ?

We followed the advice of Consumer Reports and brought our dishes to Bestbuy.

I was set to get the Bosch dishwasher and discovered that somehow we really couldn't fit the Corelle pie plate or large bown in at all. We spent hours.

I mean we could fit a ton of small bowls, 5 large bowls, and small plates, medium plates, and large plates in the Kenmore but almost nothing in the Bosch.

We had some success with the Kitchen aid.

We eventually tried a Miele and it was a little better than the Bosch. The ASKO had the best fit.

But the question remains what dishes fit in the Miele ?

The 4'th of july sale on the Bosch is over and I refuse to think of them, it's too traumatic,

I'm planning to bury the Corelle in the Kenmore.

I'm afraid I really want a Miele, but all those highly rated Bosch dishwashers on consumer reports still call to me.

So what dishes, including large bowls, fit in the Miele ?


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