whirlpool fridg. defrost help with how-to clear line

arkansas girl
9 years ago

I have a three year old Whirlpool fridge model number ET1CHEXVT01 (top freezer model) and the water is not going into the drip pan but rather it is on the floor at the front left corner. Water is not inside the fridge at the bottom at all, just on the floor. We vacuumed the coils really good, that seemed to help for a few weeks but now water is right back to being on the floor again. For the life of me, I cannot find any information about MY MODEL as to where to clear out the line. Do I remove the back panel inside the freezer or do I have to go into it from behind/back of the fridge? Please direct me. I've youtube searched and google searched until I'm blue in the face! I cannot find my model. Whirlpool only shows parts but did not have any diagram of how to get to the defrost line inside this Model of fridge. I find videos but nothing that is the same as my fridge.

Thanks in advance!

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