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cutting travertine, jagged edge..)help????? asap?

15 years ago

Hey there experts :) My guy's upstairs cutting tile for the shower as we speak and it looks great, but he and I both have a question. His cuts (we're doing mitered edges that wrap around a wall) are jagged on the front side of the tile. He is cutting from the back to the front because when he cuts front side up, the tiles break much easier. (Travertine). They're good quality tiles (not a huge amount of fill, even edges, etc) so he's wondering if we need a different blade or if this is the nature of the beast.

As I said, his work is nice but we'd both like cleaner edges.

He's using a brand new blade and tile saw that they puchased just for this job (it can cut larger pieces than the typical saws). Is there some special kind of blade to use? Or do we live with the edges?

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