Critique these possible master bath layouts?

9 years ago

Option 1:

Pros: straight path from bed to WC

Cons: walk in shower will be dark (vaulted ceiling w/ 7' shower doors will allow some natural light in, but not much), split vanity (I'm not a fan), tub takes center stage (not a fan)

Option 2:

Those doors probably will NOT be

Pros: there is a nice location for a chair in front of the linen closet, the shower gets natural light from the window over the tub

Cons: path from bed to WC requires a U-turn

(I'm not worried about losing some storage space in the closet.)

Obviously I prefer Option 2, but it'll be more expensive because it deviates from the builder's original plan so I'm hoping you guys can point out more pros/cons to each layout for me. :)

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