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Using CAD Files

12 years ago

We're interested in building a smaller, simplified version of the Southern Living plan Tideland Haven.

Since we want to shrink and simplify it (way too many French Doors and windows! and down-size it to 2000 sq. ft.) we wanted to order the CAD plans.

My question is (having zero experience with CAD files) can just anyone use these files? Or does it take more training?

I guess I'm asking how does it work? Can you just point and click to, say, remove a window? Or is it more complicated than that?

Then what is the end result--do you have a modified plan that you can hand to a contractor who can build from that?

Since the CAD option seems rather expensive, I don't want to blow a couple of grand right off the bat for something I can't use because I'm an amateur.

Thanks for any info.

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