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Steam shower ceiling with no slope?

7 years ago

Few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that our roughed in in 5x5 steam shower ceiling should be sloped and not flat. Contractor agreed to address. Tile guys are there to work today and carpenter has not been back. Now the contractor and tile guy have discussed and decided because we are using 6 inch tiles, this is a residential installation, etc, it is not necessary to slope the ceiling. My generator is a Thermasol Pro-240. We have approx. 8 foot ceilings. If there are any other parameters you need, please ask. They are coming in the morning to proceed, with flat ceiling, or delay until they can get the carpenter back. I am feeling pressure to allow them to proceed, and if it doesn't really make much difference, am inclined to do so as the project needs to continue for a variety of reasons. Thank you for any professional opinions. A cursory internet check suggests a 2" slope per foot of ceiling. Is this the recommended minimum if must slope?

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