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A little bit of Christmas from my house

12 years ago

I haven't been around much as I've been creating some decor for Christmas. Haven't even unpacked most of the Christmas deco boxes but I'll show you what I've made so far. Still making more things and the actual decorating awaits but I'm taking my time, no rush, is there? ;-)

This pale blue & white topiary is for my bedroom. My furniture there is white so I wanted something light.


I had been given boxes full of pinecones so decided to do something crafty with them. This pinecone tree will go in my foyer.


This is not really decorated yet for Christmas, I just threw some deco's in a bowl. What I did recently was paint this mirror cream, it was gold. I had previously done the candlesticks which used to be rusty. I can't ever leave anything well enough alone! LOL


Here's a metal basket with "gilded" fruit which I may put on a wreath, or just leave as it. It's just cheap plastic stuff from a YS and used to be fruit color til DH spray painted it for me.


I've painted picture frames and put old sheet music in them. Sheet music "antiqued" with coffee.


Not sure what color to call this. It's a pinecone wreath I made back in the 80's which I just painted with several metallic paints. I like it better this way.


Most of these things were yard sale finds but I won't bore you with the details!

This is a tree that DH cut from our "back-40" and put in the old rusty wheelbarrow I've been trying to pry out of his grasp for ages! He says it's still useful! LOL I have plans for it in my garden come spring. He knows it too as he hasn't painted it which he does with everything. I love rusty old stuff. The snow was short-iived but we'll get more, I'm sure.


That's it for now, I'll probably post more pics once I actually do some decorating. Right now I'm doing mundane stuff like cleaning house. Not as much fun as decorating.

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