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Oven Size: Monogram vs Electrolux

13 years ago

This isn't a question, but rather info that some might find helpful. I took my trusty tape measure with me to the appliance store today, and met another lady with her pans in hand looking at the same ovens: Electrolux, GE Monogram, Bosch and Wolf. The oven racks on EVERY oven I measure were between 15 - 15 1/2' deep, that includes the Bosch bottom oven with no induction fan. So the cavity may be deeper without the fan, but you can't make use of it. Lady could not put her pan in legthwise in any of the 5 ovens we looks at (but she can with her old GE at home). Width - wise was also very close. I measured between the side support racks (racks may measure wider because they fit inside the supports). All of them were 22" - 23" useable width. In fact the Electrolux was slightly wider than the Monogram. The design of the Electrolux extension racks also allowed more vertical room for food. The Monogram racks are very bulky and take up a lot of space. Bosch didn't have any extension racks. I see alot of postings regarding the interior size of these ovens, hope this helps.

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