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hand held showers, someone please help!

12 years ago

I have been wanting a hand held shower/hose for ease in helping to clean the shower. I have attempted to do tons of research online for recommendations, but it is soooooo confusing. I don't really care about multiple settings, I primarily want to ensure that I get a firm spray that will easily rinse soap/shampoo from the body and hair. I think I understand that the most pressure comes from 2.5 gpm @ 80 psi, but I don't really understand what that means. Also, I have been warned not to buy plastic units or hoses, but it seems that they are very hard to find! And the prices are all over the board....from $25 to $250. What are the major differences and what should I be looking for? Can anyone recommend a specific model? I have to have the kind that does not require a bar to hold the unit. Just the kind that comes straight out of the wall and hooks onto itself (if that makes sense).

Wish I spoke plumber-language....

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