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What info do I need to figure out my hood ventilation?

12 years ago

I'm a little confused on what information I need to gather in order to choose how to ventilate my kitchen. What I know so far:

1. I'm getting a 36" Bosch induction cooktop.

2. The outside of the hood is going to be constructed from 2x4 with drywall over it. I'm planning for the sides and front to be curved in and to have the cabinet man put a wooden "skirt" around it at the bottom.

3. I know I want baffles.

4. I would like the bottom of the hood to be at least 5'10" high.

5. The kitchen is vaulted and the cooktop wall backs up to attic space once you go over 10 or 12 feet high.

6. I need to ask the HVAC people if I need a MUA system.

7. The hood capture area should be at least 3" wider on each side of the cooktop.

8. I only have about $800 left for the guts of my ventalation system. (BIG SIGH)

What I don't know:

1. How do I figure out how many CFM I need with my induction cooktop?

2. How far the ducting needs to go to exit the house, and whether it needs to turn to get out.

3. What brands of blower should I look at? Do you get the silencer from the same company as the blower you buy, or is that interchangable as well? Would anyone choose a roof blower (wrong terminology, I know) over an in-line blower with a silencer if they have attic space for in-line? Not sure I understand the differences between them.

4. I've seen Independent, Prestige, ModernAire, Rangecraft listed as good liners, but which is the best bang for the buck? Which ones were seamless and is that really important? I just want it to be easy to clean.

5. Does the liner need to be a certain size, or just the "capture area" ie the inside of the hood? I would like the hood pretty large as it fits the proportions of the space and I have no upper cabinets. What do you put between the baffles and the edge of the hood then if I get a 36" liner and I have a 48" hood? I also seem to recall something about recessing the liner so it isn't even with the hood. In other words, higher on the inside than the outside. Does this mean I need a custom liner I can't afford?

6. How the heck am I going to do this for $800???? (Now my eyes are rolling...)

Thanks in advance! I just want to move in already!!!!!

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