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kitchen reno newbie - range, fridge, wall ovens, oh my

8 years ago

we have just reviewed a first round of plans from our architect to do a much-needed reno of our kitchen.

the plans currently allow for a 36" range, 48" fridge and 30" double wall ovens.

I'm totally at a loss for where to even begin. with regard to a range, i've never cooked on anything other than gas, but am intrigued by induction.

the fridge is DH's focus - for whatever reason, he seems to want a "fancy" fridge. i'm not even sure what that means :/

anyway, i hope some of you can tolerate this sadly vague post for help and chime in with kitchen appliances you have/love, and why.

we're also intending for a microwave drawer, and of course in need of a great dishwasher.

so, if you can help a girl out, i would so appreciate it. (extra, bonus appreciation for thoughts on range options re: gas vs. induction)

thank you, thank you

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