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Transoms-----Mulled or not

10 years ago

We finally broke ground this week!!! So exciting to see a big hole in the ground. So, we are now making some final decisions on what seems to be going on forever!

We are getting Andersen 400 series casement windows and some of them will have transoms. I'm still over budget with the windows and am looking at the mulled option. On our last build we had them mulled together at the factory. Now I'm wondering how it would look to not have them mulled. I remember a friend's home that did not have them mulled and they had a gorgeous window treatment that went between the window and transom. So, I was trying to picture some aesthetic pleasing options.

On the plus side for not mulling them...

-window treatment options


-have the windows appear to be "taller"

-could make for some nice trimwork b/w window and transom

On the negative side...

-Loose a nice all-in-one look

-Less window view at the higher part of the window


Please, give me your feedback and if you would be wonderul. Also, would it look ok to have some mulled and others not. For example I have an 8 foot wide window above a counter in my kitchen & I'm thinking it would be best to have this one mulled.

Thanks for your help!

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