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Miele speed oven older H4042BM under counter?

11 years ago

Reading all the posts about the speed oven has convinced me to get it as a second oven to a Wolf AG range. Thanks for all the helpful posts!

There is a local appliance store that has a floor model of H4042BMSS available at a great price. It is the lower end Chefs Series (which I think will suit our needs just fine). However, I was wondering does anyone have it installed under counter? I saw this where it says the difference between the older model and the newer model is the ability to install under counter. Seems rather strange that you couldn't install the H4042BMSS under the counter. The appliance rep says you can, but I'd like to hear from anyone here to verify that they have installed it under the counter.[]=H4042BMSS&skus[]=H4044BM


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