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is a glass surround worth it in this first floor bathroom?

9 years ago

Hi there,

We are in the midst of a major remodel, and we are trying to figure out if we should spend the extra for a glass half wall and door in our first floor bath. Our house will have three baths total, and the two upstairs baths (hall and master) will have shower curtains. However, our first floor bath will have a tiled stall shower with an entrance that is not visible from the main part of the room. This means that a decorative curtain or glass door would not really make an impact on the room. However, a half glass wall with a glass door would open the room up and also allow the tile to show through. This is something that can't easily be changed later, so we are trying to decide what to do: need to decide within a day or so!

I am attaching a photo of the lay-out of the room. I welcome any input. (This will function as the main bath for guests, and we will also use it as an alternate shower for our teen daughter, overnight guests, etc. My husband will also have knee surgery and might need to use this shower for a while as he recovers.)

Thanks in advance!


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