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HELP! Bluestar Oven Won't Turn On After Cleaning -- and other iss

14 years ago

I cleaned my oven this weekend using EasyOff and now it won't turn on. The broiler works and when I turn the oven on the heating light comes on but no gas or ignition from the heating coil. I didn't touch anything on the bottom of the oven during the cleaning because I didn't need to remove the oven floor pan (I place a piece of foil on it to keep it clean), so I know I didn't break anything on my own.

However, once I realized the oven wasn't working I took the floor pan out and noticed the baffle plate that's screwed in to the bottom was only screwed in on one side. All of the other screws had broken off and were resting on the oven cavity floor. These screws must have broken from the expanding/shrinking of the heating and cooling steel, because I've only removed the floor pan a couple of times and didn't notice this. Its also common for us to hear a loud bang (also reported by other Bluestar owners) when the oven is heating. The bang is the metal baffle popping out due to the metal expanding while heating. I can only imagine this broke the screws off.

I also noticed one of the rails on the oven rack holders (that run along the side of the oven) has completely broken off. It is still connected on one end, but the other is completely broken off. I'll try and solder it or weld it back on, but for a range that touts itself as industrial/professional quality I'm a little disappointed.

Anyway, I need to get the oven working. Anyone else have any issues with the oven not working after cleaning? HELP, anyone!

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