Need help with shower hardware placement - plumbers are here!

13 years ago

I need to decide very quickly how to place the shower hardware. The link below shows what I have (rainshower, handshower on bar, thermostatic control, two volume controls). The wall that they will all be mounted on is 30" wide (shower will be 30" x 5'). The ceiling height is 8'. These are my questions:

1. The thermostatic control will be centered, and I'm planning on having the two volume controls above and to either side (T-configuration). The plumber suggested placing the volume controls 8" above the thermostatic control, and 6" to either side. Thoughts?

2. I'm worrying about placement of the bar for the handheld shower. The distance from the center of the shower to the inner wall is 15". If the volume control is 6" to the side, that leaves 9" to the wall. Should I have the bar placed 4" in from the wall?

3. Should I mount the rainshower as high as possible? The distance from the top of the horizontal bar to the surface of the rainhead is about 7". If I have the bar coming out 6" below the ceiling, the rainshower will be at about 7'. Is this high enough, or should the horizontal bar come out closer to the ceiling?

The link below shows the components I have. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rohl shower components

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