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Can you spot any challenges with this bathroom design?

Hello GWers - I need your help! We're in the process of remodeling our tiny master bathroom and I'm trying to figure out the best option to visually open up the space but still have room to move and sufficient storage. **le sigh** the eternal struggle. I've been looking at this so damn long I can't make heads nor tails of it.

First off, bathroom is 7x7 - we have the option to eat 12" of the master closet for bathroom space. Since the closet isn't huge to begin with, I've decided to split the difference so the gained space is in the shower only - I'll post a couple pics.

Second, the door going into the bathroom is a pocket door, so no plumbing allowed on that wall. The wall that the toilet is on cannot be plumbed easily either (old exterior wall. Lots of concrete and framing to contend with - toilet is already there). The wall with the glass block window in it is also an existing exterior wall. That leaves me with only one wall for plumbing - the shower will have a rainfall shower head on the ceiling plus another handheld sprayer like in my inspiration photo.

MCM house - in keeping somewhat with the feel of the house we're trying to stay modernish in the design. I'm looking at .75x.75" tile on mesh for the floors - going to ask the tile guy about doing a "wet room". I've done some reading on these forums and it seems like with the right tools and craftsman you can get this done. Still waiting to hear back from him. Planning to use trench drain in the shower probably on the toilet wall depending on what we can get away with. Worst case scenario we end up doing very short curbs if he doesn't think we can get the right slope.

I offset the sink bc I need somewhere to set my makeup case and crap when I'm using the bathroom. Also, I'd probably end up putting a door in the open space on the shower with a transom so we could have a pseudo steam shower (holy balls those generators are expensive!)

TL:DR Curbless shower - I feel like I've got this figured out but can you see any potential challenges I'm missing with this layout? Does it look ridiculous?

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