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Need some opinions, please

14 years ago

We're almost finished framing and they took down the braces in the great room today. They still have to put in a wall that divides the great room from the sunroom, but DH says he prefers to leave the room as is and to forget the sunroom wall altogether. I think it makes the room too big and will have way too much ceiling showing, making it lose all the coziness that I planned for. Right now the space measures 17'8" wide, 31'6" long and is 16'8" tall.

Here's what we have now. This is looking out the back to the deck.

There will be a set of FDs that are flanked by fixed doors and a 1/2 round to top it off.

The wall in question would look like this.

This is looking out the front door. The door is a mahogany double with an eliptical top. It's full glass with wrought iron.

Here's a copy of the layout....

What do you think. Keep the wall or not?

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