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E-Z cleaning of bathtub Jacuzzi jets!!!

16 years ago

My wife and I have both come to love tub baths. I'm the one who cleans the tub around here, and it's probably the one job I hate more than anything. It wouldn't be so bad, but I just despise trying to clean those dang Jacuzzi jets! My wife never uses them, we just like to soak -- but I always turn them on for 30 seconds or so, just to keep the black crud from growing in the pump (yuk)!

Anyway, here's a fabulous idea I got online -- using a Tablespoon of dishwasher powder, and a half cup of bleach! I tried it, and it works great! The only problem is -- the junk that comes out will gag you . . .

1. Fill tub with hot water to a couple inches above jets.

2. Add a Tablespoon of powdered Cascade electric dishwasher detergent. I guess the liquid Cascade would work too. But whatever you do, don't just use regular liquid dishwashing soap like Dawn or Palmolive, or you won't be able to get back in the room!!!

3. If indoors, get all children and pets out of the room and turn on exhaust fan, or open window!

4. Pour in a half to a full cup of bleach (depending on the size of your tub/spa).

5. Turn the air knob thing open all the way open, so it gives the highest turbulence.

6. Turn the spa on, and get out of there!

7. Let it run for 15 minutes!

8. After 15 minutes, hold your breath before you go back in to turn it off, because the fumes are wicked -- but observe the gunk and try not to choke!

9. Empty tub.

  1. Refill with cold water to above jets.

  2. Run jets to rinse - 10 minutes.

  3. Do this at least once a month.

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