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36 inch wide vanity or 32 wide inch tub in hall bath

10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask your opinion. I dis-like small vanities but it also dis-like small bathtubs. Our builder gave us a choice either have a 36 inch wide vanity or a 32 inch wide bathtub.

The choice is this if I get to 36 inch vanity I only get a 29 inch tub, if I get a 30 inch vanity I only get a 29 inch tub. Now the tubs that you upgrade to all pretty much come 32 inches wide (eg walk in the, whirlpools, etc) Which would you do?

A little background. The bathroom is for two bedrooms. The people living in the bedrooms have yet to be determined but it could be an elderly couple or two elderly people. It could also be young people. The possibility of both are very real and if it is an elderly person they will need a place where they can go in easily... hence the need to possibly upgraded to a walk-in tub or if they prefer a whirlpool to help their aching muscles. Or it may just be left alone in a 32 inch can be used as a just much larger and would allow person to move around easier.

A 36 inch vanity might be useful for two individuals or more using the whole bathroom from the two bedrooms. As if you have more than one person you will need extra room both above and below the vanity. I am assuming above the vanity that the bowl for the sink is just smaller and the sides/edges are the same width to put things on ( is this generally true? ). After that I will have to figure out storage in the bathroom. The cabinet that is and there is going to be hard to match, without spending a pretty penny.

This is a home to be constructed so I still have some options. But not for long as I have to make decisions this week.

Thoughts and or advice? The faucet will be a smaller 4 inch model to save space.


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