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Ovenquest 2011 or The Queen's Rant.

12 years ago

I will have to make a decision about an oven soon, and after multiple trips to appliance stores,reading hundreds of threads on this forum and joining CR online, and am in a state of agonized indecision. I need a 30" gas or dual fuel range with two ovens, since I do not have room for double wall ovens. My husband is a very sensible number-cruncher type, and we had a very interesting disussion about the double ovens available out there. We decided that people who bought one with the small oven on top usually intended-or ended up- using that oven as their primary oven. The little oven on bottom crowd used the second oven as an auxiliary oven when crowds arrive at the door. He pointed out to me that since we will soon be empty nesters that little oven on top might be more sensible for us. I pointed out to him that crouching on the floor to retrieve a heavy pork rost would not be fun. But with just the two of us, that would not happen very often. The assumption, I think, is that the little oven will replace my toaster oven for things like chicken nuggets and baked potatoes, but i'm not crazy about that idea. I have a very nice TO that requires no preheating and will hold a 12"round frozen pizza. I am having a hard time resigning myself to doing most of my daily cooking in a glorified TO and also stooping down to the ground to retrieve bundt cakes. Deep down I think would rather have a lower (emergency) oven for hash brown casseroles, rolls, etc. That leads to either the GE cafe or the Electrolux. The cafe looks cool,and I guess I can deal with the control panel being in a slightly awkward place (wish it were on a slant like some other ovens.) The Electrolux (swoon) is so pretty, And also very$$$ The freestanding dual fuel only comes in LP. GRRRRR So I would have to go with all gas or take a chance on the GE. Sensible husband says that numerous complaints about the fan should warn me off since I ALWAYS have the radio on in the kitchen. Husband thinks that based on the facts I should go with a small oven on top like the Kenmore. But several disturbing reviews make me wonder if the little oven can cook well without burning things. So one last time: I am asking any of you who have been in a similar quandry, or who own any of the above ovens and tell me what you bought, what you think, and how well your small oven works. I'm thinking I'm keeping my TO, but I really, really want a second oven big enough for a 9 x 13 dish. Thank you thank you thank you!

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