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Ideas for master bath layout (this is a strange one)

12 years ago

Hi all.

I've spent the last few days reading just about every msg in this forum, but I haven't found one similar to my question yet. I'm contemplating a master bed/bath remodel. This is an older (1950s) house, but the master bedroom suite was put in as an addition sometime in the 80s, I believe. The strange thing about this bedroom is that it has two full bathrooms in it. One has a long vanity + 1 sink, toilet, and jacuzzi tub. The other (small) bathroom has a tiny corner shower, toilet, and sink. We have no desire to have separate bathrooms, particularly when one is the size of a shoe box, so I was hoping to enlarge one bath while eliminating the other. Also, the previous owners blocked a window in order to create a closet. My DH has already removed the plywood board covering the window, but the rest of the closet remains. It's a very confusing setup, but I've mocked up a pic as best as I can:

Here are my ideas so far:

1) Remodel "Bath 1" by removing tub and replacing with a shower. Turn Bath 2 into a walk-in closet. Remove existing closets to reveal window. This is probably the cheapest option since it doesn't require moving any walls. However, this means the bathroom will be small and without a tub.

2) Knock out the wall between the two baths and make one long and narrow bathroom. Move the closets so that they are just inside the entrance of the bedroom--in other words, you would enter the bedroom through a little corridor created by the closets. I don't think this is a great idea you end up with a very funny bath. But it would allow us the space to have a nice, large shower and a separate tub.

3) Expand the bath slightly, eating into the bedroom space. This is limited by the fact that the room is only 13 feet wide and the bed MUST go on the wall shared with the bath (non-ideal, but it's the only wall with the wide, uninterrupted expanse to fit the bed. I think at tops we could move the wall out 2 feet, so it's seems kinda like a huge expense for not much gain.

4) ??? Something I haven't thought of.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome! My main desire for the new bathroom would be a nice large 2 person shower. If there was room I might put in a standalone tub as well, but I definitely not interested in any tub/shower combos. TIA~

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