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Confused about horizontal range hood baffles

9 years ago

I noticed that some range hood baffles do not slope at an angle to drain grease into a back tray, such as the Kobe RA028 or RA038 series. When I called Kobe, all I could get was a vague response that these have slots that allow grease to drain below. The lady said there was no mesh filter with the baffle, such as Imperial uses for their 6" high below cabinet range hood. With Imperial, the baffle is purely cosmetic and the mesh filter backing actually is all that collects the grease. I want a true baffle for ease of cleaning. At this point I have no idea how those Kobe baffles actually drain and their real life effectiveness. I would like to install a 6" high range hood below my cabinet but don't see anything with a true sloped baffle. (Six inches is my maximum height to allow 30" from cooktop to range hood for under cabinet install. Width is 30".) Install time is almost here, and I still am undecided. There will be enough extra wood and trim from my cabinets to have a custom range hood cabinet built. I'm considering going with the Imperial hood insert with baffles, dual fans, and an 8" duct. This should provide about 735 cfm for my situation. I just don't want to go this route if an undercabinet is available that meets my requirements. Maximum budget for the hood itself is about $1000 as I want good quality. Vent-a-hood below cabinet hood with dual fans is another option. I just don't know if I want to get into crawling up into the hood for cleaning in my senior years. I'm open to any suggestions. Don't especially care for the aesthetics of the range hoods that use the oil cups, but if you love the function of yours, please let me know. Sorry if all of this is rambling and confusing.

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