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Thermador Columns vs. Subzero 700s Refrigerators

13 years ago

Hello again to all you wonderful helpful people!!

I have 57" of wall space in which to place the fridge. Here are my choices:

[1] Thermador Columns - 30" refrigerator and 24" freezer. This yields 17 cu ft of refrig vol and 12.2 cu ft of freezer vol, for total of 29.2 cu ft.

[2] Subzero 700 Series - 27" refrig and 27" freezer. This yields 15.5 cu ft of refrig vol and 15.5 cu ft of freezer vol, for total of 30.8 cu ft. (I like the door above and 2 drawers on the bottom design; I think it'll be convenient to store the little kids' foods in the drawers, rather than making them open the large Thermador column doors. However, SZ doesn't have a water filter for the ice maker, whereas Thermador does. And I'm still weary of SZ's reported repair history...)

[3] A 48" built-in side-by-side, i.e. GE Monogram, which has 30.6 cu ft of space total, or Thermador, which has 29.6 cu ft total (18.8 refrig and 10.8 frz).

I don't understand... For 54" of Thermador columns, how come the capacity is the least of the 3 options above? Is the space poorly designed? I thought that by going 54" rather than 48" (and at least a couple of thousand bucks more!), I'd be gaining more cold storage, but apparently that's not true?!

If you own the Thermador columns, SZ 700 series, or a 48" built-in side-by-side, please comment on your feelings about its capacity. PLEASE help me decide btn the 3!


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