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Need your words of advice - major rethink of bathroom remodel

14 years ago

Background: we have two constraints with our remodel, money and time. For our neighborhood, it just doesn't make sense to spend loads of money on the bathroom. And we have only managed to squeeze out two weeks of help watching our two small children, but after that, we'll only have one or two days a month.

We're redoing everything - new tub, toilet, flooring, vanity, mirror. We're not changing the layout except to expand the back of the shower into an odd-shaped closet. This involves tearing down the shower and starting almost completely from scratch (reframing, etc.). But I'm starting to get very nervous. We can't afford to hire it out and we can't take the time to do it ourselves slowly. (Note that we ARE hiring a plumber to replumb the shower.)

We had a long discussion tonight and are thinking about doing the rest of the bathroom BESIDES the shower now, and do the shower later this year or next year.The front part of the shower won't change, so I don't think it will affect the flooring in the bathroom. Although there is a shower curb to think about - are we going to be able to run the tile flooring up to the shower curb now, and then later knock out the curb when we re-tile the shower?

I suppose we could put the whole project off, but part of our bathroom is missing flooring (just the slab) and the sink faucets are both broken.

Basically, this is a huge shift in thinking from what we had planned. I just wanted to check with y'all to see what you thought?

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