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New Exterior Renderings Inspired by Shingle Style

14 years ago

Last fall I put up some elevations for the house we were building that were supposed to have an Old World/French look. After taking the comments to heart, DH & I decided we were heading in the wrong direction. DH began to notice that I kept looking at houses from the Boston Design Guide. Finally, when he saw me look at the picture of Stanza 30's house in the snow for the Nth time and heard me let out a deep sigh, he said, "You really like that kind of house, don't you?" Anyway, we realized that this is the style we were really looking for even if we plan to build it in Upstate SC.

We both poured over websites and I got several of Scully's books and others from the library to do research. We obviously can't do a real Shingle Style house because it has a main floor of only ~2500 sq.ft., a walkout basement and is built on 2 completely wooded acres in SC, not overlooking the ocean in New England. So, what we came up with is "Shingle Style" inspired, at best.

We were pretty solid on the layout, so DH began to put together a look for the exterior using the software we have so there would be a jumping off place to restart with the architect (that is another story, that I will put in a different thread). We've had a different architect and a house designer look at it and they both liked it, so here goes ...


Front of house with cozy terrace that opens off of dining room


Three car garage, side entrance, dog yard, screened porch


Back of house with screened porch in the foreground


Right side of house - bump out is part of master bath

I can only do renderings from the software from various viewing angles because it wouldn't look like much if I used the elevations with the way DH had to kluge things to "trick" the program. Also, all of the trim should be white, I think he forgot the shingles on the bedroom to the right of the front door, can't really show screen on the screened porch, etc., but it still gives a feel for what we are looking for. The contours were imported into our program from the survey, but the house will be surrounded by as many trees as we can preserve.

All comments are appreciated. Thanks for the help - Jo Ann

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