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Pictures and need your vote

bridget helm
16 years ago

Posted by bmh4796 (My Page) on

Tue, May 8, 07 at 17:10

I really wanted a frameless shower door, but can't have one because of the shower unit I chose. So now I'm looking at this semiframeless.

Here's a picture of it on a fiberglass unit

Do you think it will be any easier to clean than a framed? If it won't be then it's really not worth the extra 300 dollars. It's hard for me to tell, however, because it's not an in stock item around here.

The last framed door I had got all gunky in the metal grooves. I want something without a lot of gunky metal grooves.

Here's the other door I'm considering. It's cheaper, but I don't find it quite as nice looking.

Which do you think will have less gunky metal grooves to clean?

Oh, and here are some pics of our bathroom. Maybe one door will look better in the space? (the paint color is wrong and we are still waiting on the subway tile backsplash)


I think the 1st door will, but is it worth the extra money? It will only be worth it if there are less metal nooks and crannys. What's your vote?



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