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Please help me decorate my bathroom! (Thank you!)

12 years ago

PLEASE NOTE: This is a cross post -- I also posted in the Home Decorating Forum. I hope this is OK. Believe me, I need ALL of the help I can get!!! ;o) Thank you!

OK... so we just got done stripping the old wallpaper off in our small downstairs half bath. We painted the walls a lovely "coffee-with-milk" color (Pratt & Lambert "Muffin Tan").

The bathroom is small, only 4' x 8'. (Ceiling is low at just under 7') The vanity, mirror and toilet are all on one wall. The vanity and medicine cabinet/mirror and light above it were faux finished by me.

There is one window. One small ceiling light. The floor is neutral.

Our home is a 1500 SF Cape Cod (built in the 50's), and my decorating style is casual/country cottage.

Here are some pictures:

Standing in the hall looking into the bathroom:

The long "left" wall, as you look in:

The vanity base:

Vanity top:

Mirror and light above vanity:

Short window wall:

Long, empty right wall:

In the bathroom, looking at the (closed) door:

My main dilemmas are:

1. The long left wall is BUSY. Everything is on that wall. There is no changing that!

2. The long right wall is PLAIN and BLANK, and I just don't know what to do with it. I'm having a heck of a time finding wall art (pictures, etc.) One or two pictures on that whole long wall just won't seem to "cut it"... will it? I'd like to find a cute set of 4... and really try to *fill* that wall.

Here are two pictures that I already have, they are 13.5" x 16.5" each:

They're not very "bathroom-y" but I do like them. But again, I just don't think that's *enough* for the long, bare wall. Is it?!

I also like these from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop (they are each 13.5" square). (I don't own them already, I'd have to buy them:)

Not bathroom-y either, but I like them, and since there are 4 of them, they'd fill the wall better... no?

And then there's this little corner, and I mean little! Only 8.5" from corner to door trim. But IF I could find something VERY SMALL, maybe a wrought iron type stand or something... that might look nice, and it would be *something else* on the long bare wall! Any suggestions?

(And since you can kinda see him on the door, here's a close-up of the little mouse I stenciled!)

My husband is handy and can build anything... so if you can think of something interesting that could be added to that long right wall (that wouldn't protrude too far, as space is rather tight in there!), I could probably make it happen!

Also, I will include below the link to my finished kitchen thread, so you can see my "style"... plus in that thread are pictures of my other downstairs rooms, too... so maybe that will help you visualize things.

Thank you ALL very much! I am really looking forward to seeing what you talented GW'ers can come up with for me!


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to pics of our finished kitchen, and other rooms downstairs

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