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Halloween Party....Black Hat Required ....

14 years ago

I'm sure you remember my 'Table Host',

at last year's Halloween Gathering...well,

I couldn't let Halloween go by, without him.

It seems, every time I go into the Attic, he's looking at me, with questioning eyes...

'Is It Halloween Yet?'....

Sooo, I gave in, and here he is a little different setting.

Ahhhh...The Guest Of Honor has arrived !!

He's been waiting for her All Year!

Hmmmm...she brought a friend.

That's Okay... he's no competition!!

See how she's 'Under My Spell' !!

I know what she likes.....

Dishes she can't resist!!

There must be One that she likes...or maybe All..

I'm sure she's impressed...

I hope I didn't scare her away!!

If I did...I'll have to wait another Whole Year!! be continued >>> Next Year !!


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