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Advice Needed - Do We Attempt General Contracting Ourselves?

14 years ago

Hello All Experienced Home Remodelers:

My husband and I are getting ready to do a kitchen and bath remodel. We are trying to keep our costs down (who isn't) in this economy. We have never done a remodel job before. I started to research flooring prices after an initial discussion with a gc last fall. I realized that we could save a tremendous amount of money if we buy the flooring ourselves and hire a flooring contractor to lay down the floor. This got me thinking and wondering what else we should arrange to do ourselves? Again, b/c we have never done this before, I am afraid of screwing something up in terms of the proper order of things. For example, when does the electrical go in, when does the plumbing go in? It seems like these are the reasons to hire a gc...but also there is a premium attached to having them handle. Can you give your thoughts/advice on what you would do based upon your experiences? Thank you in advance for your time and insights.

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