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I'm new! Need constructive criticism on my floor plan.

10 years ago

I've read for awhile, but this is my first posting. Here are some details about me and my plans. We are starting to build in January and have been planning for 4 years. It is me, my husband, and 3 kiddos, and we are building on our 26 acres. My plan is a simple farmhouse, two full stories (no dog houses), 40 x 30 rectangle, porch on front and back with deck on sides (for sunlight purposes), white siding, green roof, etc. I have never found a plan like I need, so I enjoy drawing my own. This floorplan is what I'd like, but I am no designer, and I'm sure there are some errors, as well as things that won't work. That's why I need your help! I do plan on getting it drawn up by someone, but I'd like to get the kinks ironed out for my sake. Thanks for your time and suggestions! Oh, and please ignore the third picture. It's just a copy of the first.

Here is a link that might be useful: My floorplan

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