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Bathroom undermount sink falling - how to repair?

8 years ago

So - my 8+ year old undermount bathroom is finally about to give up. I noticed the other day that one of the clips has fallen off, and the sink is now tilted: there's a visible crack on one side (where it's detached from the counter), and it's being held up by the remaining 3 clips. All the clips seemed to have been glued on to the underside of the counter (no nails used, and I assume it was done in a special way, not with "regular" glue).

I just got a contractor here to take a look, and he suggested:
1. Replace the sink and counter. I should go to home depot to buy both a new sink, and new counter top, where they'll special-glue them together (along with the clips), and my contractor will install the new "set" afterwards;

2. Take my existing counter top + sink to a marble place and see if they can special-glue them together (after doing a proper clean up and all that). And my contractor would help take it off / putting it back on for me;

I'm wondering if someone else has done something similar, and can provide some recommendations? Also, are the above my only options? Has anyone done it with Home Depot that way?

I've heard stories where people have used 3M 5200 to re-glue the sink/clips and they claim it works like magic? Anyone here has experience with that?

Also, can I buy a sink from somewhere else and have Home Depot special glue it to a counter top? Does anyone know if HD does that?

I thought this would be a simple job (put the clip back, apply some new caulk, and voila!), but looks like not!!! Guess should have known by now - nothing is easy when it comes to home ownership!!!


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