Where did you buy your high-end appliances?

12 years ago

Ok, we just bought a house and I only have the next week or so to order all of our appliances. Yikes! As I wrote in my other posts, I do have some idea of what I want, but I still have lots of questions before making the final decisions. And not much time to shop around, prices compare, etc. I've been to PC Richard's (a large chain in the Northeast U.S.) and Appliance World (a small local store on Long Island, NY). The latter was nice because they specialize in high-end brands, the salesman was much more knowledgeable, and they had many of the items I wanted on display. The big store, on the other hand, had none of the above, but will order anything I want if I give them the model number.

So a few questions:

- Would I expect to pay more at the small local store than the big chain? (The salesman claims no, because they belong to a group of many independent stores that combine their buying power to get the same discounts as the big retailers.)

- Did you order your appliances yourself, or through the contractor? Does asking the builder to order them and then paying him for them cost less overall, or is it the same?

- Were you happy with the customer service?

Thanks! Any advice you experts can give on this fabulous forum will be much appreciated!

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