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Unique ideas for kids rooms?

12 years ago

I haven't seen enough unusual ideas for kids rooms and I want something different from the plain vanilla.

My kids rooms are only 11'x12' and I'd like to utilize that space creatively and efficiently. I'd like to do built-ins like window seats and pullman type beds.

Here's dd's inspiration room:

traditional kids design

She loves the color, the window seat, the loft, and the play nook. And she wants curtains around the bed and lots of flowers.

I think I can build (or more accurately, I can get dh to build) a loft bed something like this:

spaces design

A child's room must be adaptable though. She'll always love butterflies and flowers but she won't want to sleep in a loft or play in the nook in 10 years. So a space needs to be flexible. Maybe not all built ins should be permanent.

Something like this could last a long time before it would need replacing:

traditional kids design

My first son used to love maps. He had them all over his walls. He's a poor college student now but he's somehow managed to travel all over the world. He would still love these rooms:

[modern kids design[( by new york architect [Dufner Heighes Inc[(

[contemporary kids design[( by new york interior designer [Feathered Nest Interiors, LLC[(

If you weren't worried about resale - what cool, unique, and fun things would you incorporate into your kid's rooms?

I'm thinking of a forest theme and a treehouse for my toddler's room, or maybe I should go with the maps again...

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