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OT- can U recommend a small undercounter fridge

Due to my builder NOT putting my HVAC in the mechanical closet between my kitchen and great room where it was supposed to go, I wound putting a wet bar in that space that I hadn't originally planned on. (I didn't need or want a closet in the spot so figured I might as well get some use out of the space!) So, now I need to find an undercounter refrigerator (free standing) that I can use to keep softdrinks and beer nice and cold. I'd get a wine cooler but DH and I aren't really wine drinkers and wine fridges just don't get cold enough for beer and sodas. We like our sodas and beer so cold that ice crystals are just about to form.

The available space is 30 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and 26 inches deep. Hopefully that will provide plenty of room for air to circulate around the fridge. I'd really like the fridge to be black so it matches the rest of my appliances which are visible when standing in front of the wet bar. Other than that, I just want the fridge to hold plenty of drinks, keep them nice and cold, and be reasonably reliable and not too expensive.

Any suggestions?


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