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Halloween Before and Afters

9 years ago

I have been having fun making some Halloween decorations this year.

I am displaying some of the before and afters.

A cardboard box from work, B-4.

Added a Jack O'Lantern head from Hm. Gds. clearance last year ($4), a spiral candle holder from GdWl ($2), and some scrapbooking paper from HL ($2.36), ribbon from the basement, a piece of a doormat from DT this year, a cut up coat hanger and a bead from my craft room = a Jack in the Box!!

2 Pkgs of foam pumpkins from DT. B-4

I also bought a Halloween doormat and a pkg of Jack stickers from DT. The doormat got cut up for the letters on the Halloween garland and the black Jacks on the Jack in the box above, and also other parts were used for some other decor. Then I added the Jack stickers in between every pumpkin and glued them to ribbon to make the mantel garland.


A black book from the TS ($1)

And after:

Finally: a pallet from my work - free.

And after:

I added a witch ($3.39) and black cat ($1.69) from GdWl, some bottles from my basement with internet labels, books covered with black paper that I painted titles on, a black cauldron I already had, and letters I cut out of white felt that I already had.

I put the nails I pulled out of the pallet into a jar with the label "Coffin Nails." So I actually got 2 decorations out of the pallet, LOL

What is a witch's favorite subject in school?


Happy Haunting,


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